5 Things That Make a Good Book

Everyone including you wants to read a good book. We all want to have our hands on a book that is interesting and captures our eyes at first sight. If you are a fiction writer, you can agree with me that every writer aspires to have a good book whatsoever. Most writers usually try to ask for the help of friends and family. But what makes a good book? Is it the storyline or a great story?

People usually give different answers to the above questions. Do you want to write a book but don’t know the things that make a good book? If yes, this article is for you. Continue reading below to find out about five things that make a good book.


Most people usually think that if the characters are not real, they don’t need to be honest. Honesty means a lot when it comes to writing books. Honesty can be complicated when it comes to fiction. So, are you prepared to be sincere? Sometimes it might mean creating a questionable character by indicating to your readers that the character is not reliable.

This can be great especially when the storyteller of a book you are reading reveals something that we normally don’t talk to anyone but close pals. Such situations create a moment of freedom and strength to the reader.

The characters

Have you read a boring book but got excited because of one character? Such characters revive a book, they make the most absurd plot appear new and engaging. They make you want to continue reading the book even if you were starting to get bored. We are human beings and we make mistakes. Your characters should have some flaws. Characters that are too perfect are likely to make a book boring. Good characters feel real making the reader relate to them.

Convincing description

Catching the attention of your reader is not all that you need. You also need to support their interest. Character and plot development are important. A good book has a convincing description that captures the imagination of the reader. They allow you to enter the world of fantasy and connect to the story.

The theme

The unforgettable books have something that they taught you to look at differently. Maybe they taught you to have a different perspective on life or relationships. A theme is among the things that make a good book. The theme of a good book needs to mean something. It should make you have a fresh view on some things.

A satisfying ending

Most readers think that a happy ending is all they need. But not every happy ending is satisfying. A satisfying ending makes the reader reflect on the start and other things that differ with it. False endings leave the reader frustrated and unsatisfied – take a look on this one example of book recommendation.


Among the many things that readers hate is to read a story that leaves them asking questions. Readers want a good book that leaves them satisfied and that has a meaning.